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What type of food do female beta fish like?

What brand and where do you find it?What type of fish food would be best?

If anyone has every had a female dog that has had puppies,what is the best ideas for their bedding?

Is it best to build a big wooden box and keep them in it? Or is it best to just make a bed of old blankets and towels on the floor? Also, are there any tricks to keeping the puppies from soiling and peeing on the bedding?

How do I house train a dog that is used to being in a kennel outside?

I just got 2 labradoodles that are 1 1/2 years old. They lived in a puppy mill. They are VERY shy and skittish. How do I get them used to being inside and being loved?

What is the best website for exploring how to start my own pet sitting business?

I am thinking about starting a pet sitting service and need details on what is involved to get started.

How do I immunize and worm my own puppies?

I have 12 puppies and am interested in saving money. I am a nurse so this should be easy for me to do. Any ideas on where to get the supplies?

How long should I wait before retesting the ph in my aquarium?

I have a 20 gallon fresh water tank. The ph is testing about 7.6. I added some ph down (by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals). How long does it take to fully permiate the water? I’ve retested a couple of times but it doesn’t seem to be having any effect.It is a new tank, set up four days…

When should I start feeding my turtle fish?

My turtle is about 2+ years is my estimate. He’s also about 5-6 inches. Would this be a good time for him to start on live fish? I want him to be able to catch them so that the fish aren’t in a lot of pain.

How do hamsters know to run on the wheel?

I know they do it for exercise.. but how do they know to do it? Doesn’t seem similar to anything they’d find in the wild.

How many mealworms should I feed my leopard gecko a day?

I feed my geckos about 7 mealworms a day and the last time I weight them they were both 4.5 grams and they are 5-6 weeks old or since I got them.