January 8, 2021

Are Dobermans or Rottweilers better?

Having any dog of any breed (or mix) want to bite the owner’s face “off” means they  are mentally ill, or severely abused.  Nobody I know, has had either breed “turn on the owner”.  Stop being a drama “QUEEN”.

I have watched several Rottweilers DRAG regular sized MEN towards another dog (resulting in a nasty dog fight) or even around a beginner class obedience ring – because they were too powerful – to be handled by that person.  Any dog that can DRAG YOU off your feet, or places you did not intend to go – when they are a potentially dangerous, dog-aggressive & protective breed – means you can be overwhelmed and subsequently SUED (out of house & home) if you cannot control said dog.  

I find far more Dobermans do BETTER (and score higher – as a rule) in obedience – than the majority of Rotties.  I would much rather have a more reasonable-sized dog I COULD control, and that would be more willing to please, but that’s just me.  However, I would not own either breed (even if free).  BOTH have a TON of genetically passed on HEALTH problems.

The only absolute SAFE BET, is a wireless home security system.  There are any number of protective breeds, but that does not mean any dog (from such a groups) WILL physically protect you – if not professionally trained – to stand up to an intruder.  If all you need or want is an “alarm barker” that opens you up, to far more breeds, and a lot less likelihood of being sued, or having your home owner’s insurance……. JACK UP your rate$.

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