January 25, 2021

Breeders for the common people? I am so tired of everyone bad mouthing so called “back yard breeders” why can’t everyone accept that these ?

Back yard breeders produce dogs with questionable genetics and a high chance of defects and health issues.

When your puppy ends up sick or dead, your byb won’t provide any support or guarantee.    They are done with the pup once the sale is over.   Pup died of parvo 3 days after purchase?   Sorry about your luck.Your “cheap” dog will cost you more in vet care later. Your “cheap” dog may not end up the proper size, coat type or temperament for the breed it’s supposed to be.Your “cheap” dog may not even actually be a purebred, or may not be the breed you were told it was.Your “cheap” dog may have such a bad temperament that it can’t be trained, or is aggressive.Your “cheap” dog could end up with a genetic issue that kills it by the age of 5…  And there’s no recourse from the breeder.You get what you pay for.   A dog costs at least $100 a month to care for, you could literally save that until you have enough to purchase the dog you want…   But you want the impulse purchase..  you want it now, and you don’t care how cheap it is.You’ll get what you pay for.

Your dog came from nothing more than a small scale puppy mill

That isn’t a “hobby breeder” either.    A hobby breeder is one who shows, does health tests, but only breeds on occasion.  

You bought from someone with sub-par dogs who did not do genetic health tests..  your dog likely isn’t even a purebred..  they sold at a cheap price to make a quick sale for a quick profit.

A small scale puppy mill

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