January 10, 2021

Can anyone help me please?

As I recall the dog was fed a pork chop bone.  Yes, it’s a possibility that he ruptured.  It’s a BIG possibility that he ruptured.  No, I can’t examine him, so I can’t tell.  Take him to an emergency veterinarian – OR have the person who gave him the pork chop bone take him to the Vet.


Is this the same puppy that magically has NO teeth at 9 weeks of age?


Once again, your level of irresponsibility is astounding!  And who suffers for it – your puppy.  You should have the puppy taken from you – if you find it necessary to seek mental health therapy EVERY SINGLE DAY and leave the dog with other people, you have NO BUSINESS owning a puppy.  Maybe the puppy is good for you.  You are NOT good for the puppy.


Remember this?  “I got a puppy dog to help me cope with my depressions (9 weeks old Yorkie mix) and I was taking good care of him, but i would leave him with grandma for a couple hours a day when I have therapy sessions. We had dogs before and we decided that this time we won’t give the dog “human food” so he won’t start begging us for our food. Yesterday, I jokingly told grandma, to give the bone to the puppy while she was making dinner, thinking she knows it’s a joke because she was aware of our decision to not share our foods. Turns out she didn’t and she gave him the bone and the puppy swallowed it whole, since he has no teeth to chew it. We immediately took him to the vet and they had to surgically remove the bone from his stomach. I just received a call that he made it without complications and I’m really happy and relieved. Am I a terrible dog owner for allowing that to happen? I love the dog a lot and I want him to live a healthy and happy life and I’m thinking he deserves a better family.   He swallowed the bone after I tried to take it from him, since he’s very protective of his food (we were trying to get him to not do that but he’s a puppy and has a lot to learn)”

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