January 11, 2021

Declawed cat? | Yahoo Answers

Declawed cats still have the same urges as clawed cats, so provide some soft scratching posts if the urge strikes him. Other than that, until they are OLD, you will have a normal kitty that can jump, but maybe not climb as well, so anything you get, make sure he can jump easily from shelf to shelf, tower to tower. They can play with any old cat toys they wish, and still bat them around with their paws and try and catch things with their mouths. 

It’s really only when they are elderly that you have to worry, because with a lot of declawed cats comes painful arthritis in thier paws. This may make it very hard for them to use the litter box and bury their waste, so a lot end up doing their business outside the litter box. You don’t say how old this poor kitty is, but around 8-10 is when they start entering their senior years, so be on the lookout for exposed poo and pee in the box, then accidents around the home. Signs of arthritis can also include not wanting to jump as much, being grounded (not climbing), loss of appetite, and general lethargy. 

Go to your vet if you notice this as he ages, and they should set you up with some mild painkillers for your kitty. You may also have to line areas with pee pads. Cats tend to mark like dogs and go in the same areas in the home. This is a just in case. I have seen this a lot with declawed kitties and their owners simply put out pee pads and give them medication as needed, nothing else to do. Good luck on your new baby :)

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