January 16, 2021

How come people can be so cruel to dogs when all they want to do is please us?

I think people like that look for mute victims who wont fight back and can’t tattle on them. It isn’t just dogs that are abused. The dog can’t get a phone and call for help or run out into the street and tell someone they are being abused.

Get this. I heard a man beating his dog in a flat for 30 minutes straight. The poor thing was yelping and screeching the street down because the living window was open. I called the police. They told me to phone the RSPCA. Who then tell me, that because I only heard it they couldn’t do anything. I didn’t SEE the dog being beaten. This wasn’t a moment of someone losing their temper with their dog (still inexcusable) this was 30 minutes of punching and kicking. I asked them: if I had of been capable of seeing it, but couldn’t because I was blind would my report still be invalid because I didn’t SEE it. No reply from this woman. The least I expected them to do was investigate. Oh and get this, others heard it, like this dudes neighbours. Only I reported it because the woman said we’ve had no others complaints and until we get several or an eye witness there’s nothing we can do. How can anyone see anything when that dog never sets foot out of his flat and is used as a personal punch bag? 

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