January 16, 2021

How do I cope with my pet being dead?

Take heart in knowing you did the best thing for your friend, and he is in a better place. I always feel that a beloved pet will be there for me when I find my way across that “bridge”. The love they brought is still in our hearts, so I feel they live on.

We put our 18 year old, Timmy, to sleep one year ago. He was a very unique cat who had a very specific personality. He was loved even by our neighbors, because he would sit by the sidewalk and wait for them to walk by and pet him.

The cat I had as a five-year-old still remains in my fond memories.

Take time to make a photo album. Write down memories of your cat. 

See if you can either volunteer at a shelter, or become a foster for an animal rescue league. Leagues often need “bottle-feeders” for abandoned litters, or fosters for any other needy cat or kitten – and this can be very rewarding. You can then consider first cat as the leader in helping these other kitties, and that is a good legacy for him to leave. You can find rescue leagues by inquiring with local pet supply stores, or going to the “Petfinder” site. Send emails stating you would like to help.

It takes time to get over losing something that was as close as this cat, and there for so long. Find a way to make a positive impact if at all possible, and in the least remember the good things about your cat. Make a mosaic garden stone for him.

Also, continue to communicate with your friends, and do things safely together. Community is a great help in times of need. You need in the least, the support of friends by simple chit-chatting. Since it is only one day, it is going to take time to readjust to kitty not being there. 

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