April 18, 2016

How long can you leave a cat home alone for?

I am going out of town for Christmas and I cannot get in touch with the pet-sitter that my cat has met before. I am leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon and will be home Monday night or Tuesday morning. She has an auto feeder and water feeder that hold water and food for 2 weeks. She also has two litter boxes. Will this be ok for her? There is nothing she can get into, I have already looked into that part haha. She is older and really doesn’t like to play.


A sexy woman

Your cat will be fine, you are giving her enough food and water, this is all she needs.

Elaine M

I’ve been gone three days and they were fine. Four or five and I’d get someone to look in once a day or so.

Real Deal CowGirl

she should be fine,it might be a good idea to have a friend come and check on her a couple times while your gone though.

Melissa 0235

i’ve been gone, away from my cats for at least a week, i had someone take care of them once, that week, and they were fine


As long as you have a weeks worth of food and ware out for her she should be ok and is there some kind of shelter?


Well I personally have a dog. But as a fellow pet owner I know that animals should never be left alone that long. In fact I leave my pet with a sitter even when I am just going to work. I know cats are way worse behaved than dogs are. Cats will scratch everything when they are lonely. They may also pee on the sofa. I would watch your cat for you but I am having problems of my own…. go read my question.

Miss V

Having a friend or family member check in every afternoon is best if you can’t find someone else to watch her… Cats can get real lonely or anything could happen and it’s better safe than sorry. && they should never be left alone more than a day. That’s five days being alone… :/


Cats are not like dogs. Cats can be left alone for ages because they can take care of themselves. They will be fine as long as they have fresh water, food and a CLEAN litter box. If you are gone for a long time, you can either put them in a cat hotel or have someone go into your house and feed/love them while you’re gone or you can have someone you trust stay in your house while your out and then the cat(s) can have company. Hope this helps!


as long as you get some one to come in and check on your cat to feed her,play with her and do the litter boxes your cat will be fine

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