January 11, 2021

How to make a 9 year old dog stop barking?

Take the dog for a good long walk before starting your work.

Close curtains so he cannot see out of the window.

What is the dog like at night when you are in bed?

When you say ” He is a LOT to handle” what does that mean?

What breed is the dog.

You don`t really give enough information for anyone to give a really positive answer.

But if this is only been going on for a day , then give the dog a chance to settle down as he must be feeling a bit bewildered at the moment, especially if he has not been used to being with anyone bit his owners. His way of protesting is to bark.

If you get cross and shout at him, that will make him worse and also he WILL sense your frustration with him.

But as Verulam suggests, if he gets too much for you, then boarding kennels may be the best solution. 

Surely you are in touch with your parents , so also confide in them and they may be able to help you more than strangers can, as they know the dog and it temperament etc.

I do wish people would state the breed of the dog in question as it can be of help in giving advice. JMO.


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