January 14, 2021

How to potty train a toddler and puppy at the same time?

As they say anything is possible, but not necessarily ADVISABLE.  (You may be pulling your hair out very shortly.) 

I am going to leave others to tell you how, to pull off “dancing on this log”- but CAUTION you, I would NOT attempt to, not only housebreak, but carefully socialize (before 16 weeks) and begin really necessary obedience training (in a puppy) AT THE SAME time……… as getting your child to use a potty *consistently*.  The puppy MUST be under good control and completely free of any likelihood to nibble or nip; since a two yr. old will be on FACE LEVEL with it…… a LOT.I would NOT EVER get a puppy or dog in these circumstances, WITHOUT a fenced yard.  If all hell breaks loose,  had you a fenced yard – the puppy could go OUT the door & you could carry kiddo straight to the potty.  WARNING: Staffies & other bully breeds are normally very HIGH ENERGY and require a lot of daily exercise, so I hope you have THAT figured in to your daily routine, as well.  Right now your puppy still needs a nap, but NOT for much longer…..if it becomes typical, you will have a non-stop, ENERGIZER BUNNY.(I will have a padded room and straight-jacket on stand-by, for you.)

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