January 3, 2021

I have a 10 year old dog who we got when she was about 8 -10 weeks old at an adoption event. We’ve never fired a gun around her, nor has she?

Dogs hear way way better than us.Any sound is magnified about 3 times what we humans hear since their hearing is so good. They have many more and much more sensitive nerve endings for sound.That’s why dogs are traumatized around fireworks and other loud noises. If the gunshots are loud to you, to your dog they’ll sound like they’re going off right next to her. You can imagine how nerve wrecking that would be for your dog. The only real solution is to get her out of that environment. If you can’t do that, check what sound proofing you can do to your home.

Other dogs living in that area might be used to it from an early age- the sounds that a puppy hears in the first few weeks after its birth are the ones it can accept. New environments and noises after that would need to be acclimatization, if at all possible. But in your case the surrounding noises sound quite extreme and I wouldn’t recommend exposing your dog to those, it would be fairly traumatic for her.

Good luck, hope you can find a solution for your pupper.

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