January 14, 2021

I just lost my best friend.?

So sorry for your loss.   Loosing a furry family member is just as hard for some people as loosing a sibling or parent.  You will be going through the normal grieving process which can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months.

What I do when I loose one of our dogs is to make a memory book of them, I put in pictures, funny stories of what we did together of some of the strange things my dogs can do.

When I was a teenage our family beagle mix would stay home and guard the front hall from anyone trying to sit there.  She knew when we came back from groceries shopping those delicious smelling bags would be set on the table.   Now shopping for a family of 8 and all boys except myself, teenage eating machines that never filled up.

We brought all 34 bags and boxes into the house.  Shopping tan about 4 hours average and about two hours to put everything away, and being of young teenagers (I used to foster) none of the boys would help put anything away.  I spent more time arguing and resorting everything than it did if I did it myself.

My father stopped over and he had bought two nice porterhouse steaks.  He was going to surprise me for my birthday,   He helped me put away the food then ran back to the store to pick up some seasoning he forgot.

Long story short we had a big fight, one of the steaks disappeared.  He accused me of hiding it or taking it to the neighbors house so he would go buy another one,  dad left in a huff.

A few hours later he came back with more steak, grilled dinner for the two of us (boys had a pizza party) and what do you think happened…, the dog decided to join us with the remnants of the steak she shouldn’t finish off.  She proudly held it up and showed us what she found, proceeded to lay down and start munching again.  We both broke out in hard laughter, ended up taking her prize away and dad started calling her Bandit.

Strange stories that I don’t ever want to forget, good friends recalling fun stories about my dogs etc.

These memorial books help a lot.  I kept the dogs health records in these, training info, what will the dog eat taught trick and skill wise, any bad quarks like running in their sleep, hiding food for later etc.

My first book took me over two months to finish but when it was I put it in a frame with the booklet on one side, the dogs picture on the other.  I keep the dogs collar and tags and use it to frame their picture.

Give yourself time to mourn your friend, don’t worry about getting rid of things, or what to do with the dogs toys etc.  the leftover food can be donated to a shelter, rescue or some vets will even donate it for you.  Give them a call to see if the will,

Take care

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