January 20, 2021

I need help my cat is a BULLY?

My cat is 15 years old and in great health. My dog is 14 years old, and in poorer health, but still enjoying life etc.

My cat is a bully!! I don’t understand WHY but I need it to stop. Ever since my dog has declined, my cat has hissed at her more, swatted at her, and pees on all her beds. I’m getting tired of it. I give my cat lots of attention. My cat sleeps in my bed with me all night, not my dog. And my cat sits in my lap whenever she wants and I pet her and play with her. So I can’t understand if this is a jealousy issue. Aside from her walks, my dog basically just sleeps and eats. My cat stays inside only. 

My cat and dog have never been “friends” but they never fought either. I had another dog who the cat used to bully, he died 5 years ago. The cat used to pee on wherever he slept too and bully him out of his bed. When he died, my cat never touched his bed again (I left his bed out for quite a while after he died).

This has to stop, I buy a new bed, she pees all over it, I’m tired of the urine smell and her behavior. My cat has a large, private litter box that I clean out every day. The dog can’t get to her litter because it’s gated with the gate door only big enough for her and my dog is never around it anyway.

Need suggestions please. I will NOT shut my dog up in one room alone away from my cat.

Updated 2 days ago:

Also- I’ve tried spraying water at my cat whenever she hisses at my dog, or telling her “no” but it has not worked one bit. 

Updated 2 days ago:

Both my cat and dog go to the vet regularly. My cat is in perfect health, not even arthritic yet.

Updated 2 days ago:

Oh btw, I have a noncontact infrared thermometer since I work at a hospital. It’s not as accurate as a rectal temp, but I can see when my animals have higher or lower than normal temps.

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