January 4, 2021

Is there such a thing as dry dog food that is excellent quality and taste good?

By switching food over and over again looking. For the best of the best of the best your creating a picky eater.  So is buying the bargain of the month or week from the local grocer.

If your dogs truly picky and hates dry kibble try mixing in canned food with the dry.  I have 2 labs that are spoiled rotten and picky, little girl refuses to eat kibble that clinks in the dish so I put warm water on hers.  Little boy (cane in with little girl) is the same way and refuses to eat unless you hold his bowl for him.

I mix their daily amount of food and added 1/2 can canned food with gravy.   I mixed it together, warmed with extra water, divided it to 4 portions, covered 2 and refrigerated them.  I set out the food for my picky rescues and stand between them so they will eat.   Little boy needs his dish held at first but once he licks the food he will eat it.  They were used to table scraps with loads of bread and a ton of grease.  Both have renal and liver damage at three years old.  Both dogs have rotten teeth and have had over $3,000 dollars dental work (surgery and cleaning) from their former crappy diet.

Though they hated the new food it’s better than starving.  Their morning portion is given 30 minutes for them to finish it or it’s picked up and put away.  Same with the evening portion.  That fasted three days and day four they bolted their food down.  I’m in month four with them and hope to have them off the tinned meat soon.  They need to settle in more and gain some good weight before I change their diet again.  No healthy dog will starve itself, it may skip a few days but survival takes over and they do eat.

Make sure your dog doesn’t have gum problems, mouth sores or bad teeth, that can make them look picky when eating.  Unless very hungry a dog in pain usually prefers not to eat until better. Loose teeth or very bad plaque can do the same, if in doubt have your vet take a quick look.

Good luck.

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