January 23, 2021

My cat accidentally burnt 3 whiskers off, will this affect him ?

Cats use their whiskers to help them navigate in the dark and judge distance and size of small spaces. Your cat may be a little disoriented for a while. But whiskers grow back. Cats shed whiskers all the time and they grow back in a couple months. But don’t be surprised if the cat seems a little “off” or uncoordinated. If he still has a few normal whiskers on each side, he should be good. But you gotta stop burning candles around a curious kitten. Most animals have an instinct to avoid fire, but like human babies, kittens don’t always use very good judgment with stuff like that. He doesn’t have his mother, so YOU have to be his mother. Kittens often get into things they shouldn’t, and need help cleaning themselves and burying their poop in the litter box. They’re babies. Adult cats are very smart and low maintenance but you have to be a little more attentive with a kitten. 

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