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Can anyone tell me the difference between a Red sable and an orange sable pomeranian?

I have an 18month old female who was registered as a red sable however I have been recently told she may actually be orange sable. I was wondering how would I beable to tell the difference… I am interested in possibly becoming a breeder sometime in the future and am looking for any info I…

How do I keep a neighbor’s dog from using my yard as a toilet?

My neighbors dog (a rott weiler) is a friendly dog, but seems to like our yard as his personal toilet. Is there anything we can spray, spread or plant to deter him? Email me at the ID posted if you need more detail. Thanks!

What kind of vegetables to feed bunnies?

I want to feed my bunnies a variety of greens, but I also know that a lot of things could make them ill too. Can anyone give me a few suggestions of what kinds of veggies to feed them? I give them kale, cilantro, carrots, and spinach, but it seems they are getting bored with…

What kinds of food should a new momma kitty have?

My 1 year old cat is due to have her babies any day now. I am wondering if there is anything special I should feed her/give to her? Can she have milk? Should she have vitamins? And, how old will the babies be before they start eating/drinking on their own? Should they start with milk…

How do I get a cat to stop urinating in carpet area of my home?

My daughter’s stupid . . . er . . . lovely cat keeps peeing in the same area of our dining room carpet. COCHINO!!! As much as I’d like to beat the crap out of him for doing it, that would only worsen the problem with him releasing his business. He’s about 6 months old,…

How can I keep my cat from pooping on my carpet?

We moved a few months ago, so now he is home alone when I am at work. I clean his potty box each day, but when I leave during the day he poops on the carpet, right next to his potty box. His potty box is large enough, and he can get in and out…

What type of food do you feed a hedgehog?

I just got our school hedgehog for the summer and they have been feeding him wet cat food, but I was wondering if there are other foods hedgehogs like. So far I’ve been giving him carrots, blueberries, and strawberries(all chopped up of course) and he seems to like those. Any suggestions?

Can you give me some tips on overgrown bird beaks?

I was over at my aunts house, givving the cockatiel a trip for the nails and wings, givving it a ath in the sink ECT…So I got my glvoe(To hold the bird upsidown to clip its nails)and he bit me so hard, the very ede of his beak came off.He was bleeding, but we ahd…

What to name a very handsome little kitten boy that looks like a light colored ragdoll?

He is a very cute little ball of fluff, that loves to play and prance around the house. He looks very much like light colored ragdoll kitten. He is very sweet and talkative. I would like to find him a very unique fun name, but something cute and simple might also be fun.

What would be good tank mates for a pair of African dwarf frogs?

They will be going into a 10 gallon tank. They came in a little cube that holds about 16 ounces of water, with a bamboo plant. The plant is sticking a little out of the water. Will it die if totally submerged?