January 14, 2021

Puppies eating to fast is my solutions in details a good way to prevent harm? ?

Puppies should be fed 3 meals a day – breakfast around 7 am, lunch around noon and the last meal before 5 pm to give it time to be digested before bed.   And some puppies even need a fourth smaller meal just before bed until they are that bit older.

You can buy dishes designed to slow down eating, but my bet is this is because your puppy needs the 3rd meal at the moment.   He’s hungry!

What does his breeder suggest – they should have sent you off with a diet sheet, and advice about when the puppy should be fed.

Having experienced 4 cases of bloat, two fatal despite getting them to our vets immediately, it is scary but provided you don’t feed for an hour after exercise or other excitement, and don’t exercise for 2 hours after a meal, you should avoid bloat.   And try not to let him slurp up a ton of water immediately after feeding, especially if the kibble expands a lot (check by putting a piece in warm water!).

I don’t think your proposed feeding plan will work.   FWIW.

What breed is he because it’s more often that deep chested breeds can be prone ot GDV.   Like mine.  And 3 of our cases were in elderly males – the fourth bothered me because he was only 8, fit and healthy and he blew just before we all got up – at around 7 am – before breakfast even.   He survived but minus his spleen which had ruptured.  GDV can run in some bloodlines (in my breed) so it’s not only about feeding practices.  My fourth was a grandson of my third case.

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