April 18, 2016

What are the pros and cons of live plants being in your aquarium?

And how do you keep them in one place?



you keep them in place by putting rocks on the bottom of them. The cons are they collect grime and you have to clean them or replace them often. The pros are they look good and give the fish a place to hide


live plants tend to make some fish spawn. they give protection, it can be a source of food for the fish. its highly decorative.the downside would be, algae, you need to add CO2 for optimal plant growth, lights and ferts.to keep them in one place you should have a nice a nice substrate that can hold the plants, not too tight not too loose.


Pros:Consume Nitrate to complete the Nitrogen CycleAdd oxygen to the water and consume carbon dioxideGive your fish places to hideGive your fish something to nibble onMake the tank look niceCons:Some fish will uproot them (especially african cichlids)Some fish tear them upThey can clog your filter (either the intake tube or mechanical part)They can grow out of control sometimesSome need special lightingOverall I think the benefits outweigh the cons, and only make for a healthier more naturally beautiful aquarium.Good Luck

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pros:add colourlook nicefish look better with plantscan absorb harmful fish wastes help oxygenate the watercons: require lightsome fish eat themyou can get led plant anchors to hold them downor buy potted plants


The pros about having natural plants is once you see them in your tank they look so much better than fake ones that you will not want to go back to fake ones, they also absorb carbon dioxide that fish release and turn that into oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. They also break down waste materials, provide food for aquatic life and contribute to the balance of the water chemistry. You can keep them in one place by buying little weights that are metal and wrap around the bottom of the plants like twistie ties, also bury the plants really well in your gravel. Your fish may snack some on the plants, but that is o.k.! The cons are some plants can be messy, you need to keep your tank light on 8 hours a day, any less will not be enough light and any more will promote algae. You can buy plant food fizzy tabs from pet stores, I buy them and they last a long time, you bury one under your gravel if your plants start to look funky, be careful of liquid plant food, it can discolor your tank and make it muddy or copper looking.


Pros………..can make for a nice natural and pleasing lanscape or just an unreal specticle of colors and beauty….Cons…..The realm of natural plants can be a monster with an ugly side and you can be sucked into a hobby that can be 10 times more complicated than keeping fish but really rewarding.Light-substrate-Co2-nutrientsOne of these isn’t in balance the plants stop feeding and 6 types of gross aglae try and claim your tank. Algae is a spore so a major outbreak can mean removing all the plants scraping the glass doing an 80% then 50% water change etc, no light for 3 days then bleaching plants and putting everything back in.Then you start over.but don’t be scared lol…you have 2 options and honor the rules of them.1st…..go low light at 6700k and low light plants….java’s crypts etc….add no co2 and no nutrients….water change weekly to replenish nutrients.Plants will grow slow but steady and will outcompete nutrients for algae. Some minor cleaning but can really work out fine.2nd…..blow your brains out…….go about 3 wpg light output 6700k (light is the plants engine speed) high light means go time. Plant fuel is co2 and a steady supply is needed, steady Co2 also blocks algae growth ( a bonus) aswell. Tanks under 25 gallons a DIY is fine, over.pressurised is needed for unreal results.Good Substrate….not an option to skimp on..eco-complete won’t let you down, flourite is great but you have to rinse the crap out of it. Nutrients…a bottle of trace, some potassium and iron.You can keep any plant you want, carpeting plants for a floral floor like glosso and plants llike ludwigia repens, rotala indica or nesaea pedicellata..etc…just beautiful flora.People won’t even look at the fish……Cost? ranges on your tank but look at $300-$700 all in as a base.Research everything and keep in mind the balance and you’ll do fine.good luck!!!!

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