January 25, 2021

What can I give my dog for a possible ear infection? ?

Unfortunately there are many causes of ear infections both fungal and bacterial (not treated the same way) and the underlying cause in some cases, can be due to food allergies.  

Putting ear cleaner liquid in (such as Ear-Otic, etc.) may not be advisable (depending on the issue and the location of the infection in the ear canal).  INNER ear cannot be treated – BY YOU!  The dog may need antibiotics, or another medication, so you NEED a vet for this.Every vet I know, has been seeing patients since June – just not the owners.  (Before that my vet was ONLY taking emergencies) but no vet can stay in business (or PAY THE RENT if they do not treat any pets at all).You call ahead, get an appt. and give the dog to a handler at the door or at your car, and sit and WAIT in your car. You are allowed to hear the vet’s findings or to answer questions by cell phone.If your vet truly will not see JUST YOUR DOG (vs you & the dog) for treatment, then CALL AROUND to find a vet who will see the dog.  Dogs do not take a “holiday” from being sick any more than children do, so I am sure somebody is still treating them; it would be animal cruelty….. not to.  Dogs do not carry or convey Covid, as a rule.  If it helps, I am sure you can get Covid-tested to prove you are not infectious, before handing off the dog for an appt.

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