April 18, 2016

What is the best way to find a new home for my dogs?

I have three doberman, 1 female (a red who is 3 years old), and 2 males (a black and a blue, brothers who are almost 1 1/2 years old). I recently got divorced and now there is no one home durring the day to care for them. I feel just terrible about leaving them alone all day because I work alot of hours. I think the best thing to do is to find a good place for them go, and I refuse to just take them to ths Humane Society. I am willing to give them away for free as long as I know they will be cared for properly and loved. I have asked most of the people I know and have only found one preson who is slightly interested and they live two states away and don’t know when they could come to get the one that they want. Please give me some good advice on where to find some people that would love my dogs!



any where will do.


You could send them to doggy daycare or pay a trusted neighbor or kid to play with them for an hour or two a day so they are not bored.


putt and add in the clasifieds and depending on where you live i might take them as a companion for my golden retriever:) but PLEEZZZ dont seperate them!


why would you refuse to take them to the humane society??they can screen potential new owners WAY better than you can… nasty people who want to use your dogs to train their illegal fighting dogs to kill will come to your house looking really respectable… or the people who want to sell them to reseach labs will come all nice with kids even….Contact the breeder you got them from or contact a Doberman Rescue group (the humane society or vet will know)A vet, or local dog club, might have bulletin board you can put posters upNEVER give dogs away free in the newspaper


Put it in your local news paper. Someone should resond if you say they are free to a good home. If no one answers in a good amount of time…there are homes you can take the dogs too that will take care of them till they can find someone who wants them


You can place ads in your local paper. A good website for pets is petfinder.com. They have a section to place classified ads for pets. http://www.petfinder.com


contact your vet. they will usually know people looking for animals


If you live in a small or suburban town, you might be able to find a good home by placing their picture and some info on flyers to put up on the boards in grocery stores or local shops. Sometimes Wal-Mart will let you put up flyers, too. But before you give them away it would seem best to check out the people and make sure they would be able to care for them and if they are genuinely nice people. There’s no telling about how that would turn out, but it’s always an option. Otherwise, I would just continue to ask around, and see for yourself who you think would be best.


um give them to an animal shelter or the aspca

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