January 4, 2021

What kind I put on the bottom of my fence that can stop my dog from digging a hole to my neighbors backyard?

1. Get the dog spayed, so she won’t repeat this and produce more puppies.

2. Tie the dog to a rope connected to your door, that only allows her to get far enough to do her “duties” but not to the fence. BRING HER BACK IN IMMEDIATELY after she has urinated and defecated.

3. Watch your dog while she is outside. That way, you will know when she is done. With the rope connected to her, you can easily pull her back inside if she is stubborn. 

4. Ask the neighbor to keep the puppies inside. Why are they keeping the puppies? Are they selling them? Are they using them for dog fighting? I would have concerns about this.

5. If the puppies are under 8 to 10 weeks of age, your dog will be pining over them because she has not completed her duties in caring for them. If they are under this age, you need to get them back so she can do her job as a mother. It is very easy to find homes for puppies at this time and especially due to Co-vid. Mom dog needs to care for the puppies until a minimum of 8 weeks.

Your dog needs to stay inside unless she is pottying. Then, she needs to be immediately brought inside. 

If you cannot afford to get your dog spayed, contact your local Humane Society for what is called: SPAY/NEUTER CLINICS. These are often very low-cost methods of getting a dog spayed. You will usually need to make an appointment early because they fill up, quickly.

Please, keep in mind that dogs who are not spayed suffer from mammary tumors and other issues as they get older and this is a TERRIBLE way for a dog to die. Vets don’t tell owners this. Baffling, but true! We had a dog die of mammary tumors; another died of Pyometra which is an infected uterus because of late spay. Don’t make this mistake – it is very hard to take!

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