April 18, 2016

What kind of produce do you feed a parakeet ?

I have heard it is good to feed parakeets fresh fruits and veggies. I was wondering what kinds seem to be the best or prefered by them?





Instead of birdseed , experiment, put very tiny bits of fruit and vegetables in the cage and see what your bird goes for.


well how about sun flower seeds.


My budgies (parakeets) love broccoli, shredded carrots, cauliflower, apple, oranges, lettuce (romaine, not head lettuce, it has NO nutrients), peaches, pears, spinach, occasionally boiled egg with shell all smushed up (esp if it’s a female and laying eggs..it’s good to get the calcuim back)..umm, they can really eat any type of veggie. Just don’t leave them in the cage too long, like a couple of hrs at most, so that way they don’t go bad. Don’t give them all day either, maybe a couple of hrs in the am and a couple in the pm, along with their seed/pelleted diet. Have fun!!!Oh and many don’t like the veggies at first, but if you keep offering them, they will usually get curious enough about them and try them. You may need to give them in a seed cup or treat cup so that they recognize the veggies as food.


Is great to give your parakeet a large range of fresh fruit and vegies. It will let you know what it likes or doesnt. Never give it Avacado, its toxic for birds. Most love apple, pears, corn to name a few.


Carrots, leaf lettuce (not head lettuce because it is toxic to them), swiss chard, and spinach are excellent choices as well as pieces of apple and broccoli.


i feed my three harrisons bird foodThese are the formulas that provide proper nutrition for your bird’s lifetime care. they seem to really like greens and apple slice.remember that anything you give them can be raw or steamed with nothing added to them but water


Some great veggies for your ‘keets are kale, spinach, sweet potatoes.Excessively feeding fruits is not necessarily a good thing…lots of sugar in fruit.

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