January 19, 2021

Will dogs stay expensive? | Yahoo Answers

Well here in the UK the price of any puppy, purebred or mix, KC registered or not has gone through the roof to the point that if I were in the market for another puppy, which sadly I’m not, I’m priced out.   No way will I pay the prices being asked, for any breed, at the moment.    Whether prices will come down after all this nonsense ends I have no idea.  Puppies in my main breed are going for AT LEAST £2k with some for £3K.   Whether these people are getting what they ask for I have no idea.   But already puppies of 8 months and up (asking price the same) are looking for new homes as their owners say ‘they don’t have the time for them as their situation has changed’.   Whether these are just being sold on as breeding machines, I have no idea either.

It’s really a question of supply and demand and with so many ‘reputable breeders’ curtailing their breeding programmes (with no shows either), it’s left an open field for BYBs to cash in.    HMCR will have a field day if these people are getting the kind of income suggested, assuming these people declare said income.

And it’s not much better with a Rescue as people who can’t afford these prices turn to a Rescue – good for the dogs in Shelters, but not for people like me trying to find an older Rescue.

And another sad fact is people are now pretending to be RSPCA Inspectors, knocking on doors where they know there’s a new puppy, and often managing to steal them, for onward sale.

The world is just a mess.

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